Ice Walker

Ice Walker was a game my Brother, Dad and I decided to work on for the Unreal Engine's DevJam. We sadly got the theme mixed up with the winter theme and therefore did something ice related instead of that year's Summer Theme.

This was our first project we made using Unreal's Engine to be released to the public.


Reflect is a game my family worked on, I was Team manager and the only programmer.
My siblings were the ones who implemented most of the sounds, music and models.

This was made for the Unreal Engine's Spring DevJam in 2019

Final Flight

Final Flight was a game my family worked on for the 2019 MegaJam. We sadly we several days late and couldn't actually participate but we got practice out of making it.

Once again I was the lead developer and made nearly everything in this game, but detailed credits are included in the game.

Mascara to Midnight's channel trailer.

This video was actually the very first video I did for someone outside my family. When Michelle asked me if I wanted to make her a montage for her channel trailer; I was quite happy just to get the opportunity! So I watched most of her videos and combined a bunch of clips and made this video for Michelle's channel. You can go subscribe to her channel and visit the video by clicking the "Visit" button.

Montage for Amy's land blessing.

My Mom took pictures and videos of Amy's land blessing ceremony. I than edited them together sped & slowed parts down to keep with the music I inserted. Quite a pleasant video to watch even if you don't know whats going on.

Geek out of the water's highlight video.

So this particular channel reached out to me and asked if I could get her a highlights video of her videos. Well I accepted it, other wise this wouldn't be here. So fast forward about a week of watching her videos, finding and deciding which clips I should use. I put them together in a nice little video, and handed it off to her. I hope you enjoy the highlights, and subscribe to Geek out of the water!