Mascara to Midnight's channel trailer.

This video was actually the very first video I did for someone outside my family. When Michelle asked me if I wanted to make her a montage for her channel trailer; I was quite happy just to get the opportunity! So I watched most of her videos and combined a bunch of clips and made this video for Michelle's channel. You can go subscribe to her channel and visit the video by clicking the "Visit" button.

Montage for Amy's land blessing.

My Mom took pictures and videos of Amy's land blessing ceremony. I than edited then together, sped & slowed parts down to keep with the music I inserted. Quite a pleasant video to watch even if you don't know whats going on.

Also there is some audio de-sync when watching via the Embed, don't know why. But if you watch it on youtube, the de-sync goes away.

Geek out of the water's highlight video.

So this particular channel reached out to me and asked if I could get her a highlights video of her videos. Well I accepted it, other wise this wouldn't be here. So fast forward about a week of watching her videos, finding and deciding which clips I should use. I put them together in a nice little video, and handed it off to her. I hope you enjoy the highlights, and subscribe to Geek out of the water!

Laws of Chaos Trailer.

Laws of Chaos is a game my family worked on for an entire week for the UE4 Dev jam. (You can find the game below) And basically after I finished making it:

I recorded, found music, edited, and uploaded this trailer in the span of 4 hours due to time constraints. Enjoy the editing, it's better than the game.

Escape Room Trailer.

NOTE: this is a trailer for a mini-game I made for a PRIVATE Minecraft Server.

I'm only linking this on my portfolio as it's one of the few private videos I spent a lot of time editing.
Basically this is just to showcase my editing once again. EVERY single sound in this video I had to sync with the video. The video itself didn't contain sound. So this hopefully showcases my audio sync skills.

Tutorial made for a Friend.

So um yeah, a friend asked me to edit a video for him, and to be honest there wasn't a whole lot I edited either, but hey it's something I can link to and it's his 3rd most viewed video at the moment!

To be honest it's kinda cringy, and I would remove it from this list, but my portfolio is already kinda bare, because I don't have much public work. I do a lot of private videos for family/friends that include personal info or other private reasons.


DnD Card Generator

This card generator takes the 5e DnD spells and lets users create a deck of cards onto a downloadable PDF making easy to print cards.

Fluent Reports

My Dad made the base for Fluent Reports, but when he made the Fluent Reports Generator he needed help with updates. I've taken on the role as maintainer and apply frequent updates to the Generator.

Human Friendly Wheel

This wheel is an easy to use and highly customizable wheel that lets you do just about anything to the wheel.

Dreamland Chronicles Comic Poster

This bot is one that hourly checks the DreamlandChronicles website for new comics, when it finds a new comic has been posted, it sends the comic onto the DreamlandChronicles official Discord. It's easy to setup for any comic and discord.


Ice Walker

Ice Walker was a game my Brother, Dad and I decided to work on for the Unreal Engine's DevJam. We sadly got the theme mixed up with the winter theme and therefore did something ice related instead of that year's Summer Theme.

This was our first project we made using Unreal's Engine to be released to the public.



Reflect is a game my family worked on, I was Team manager and the only programmer.
My siblings were the ones who implemented most of the sounds, music and models.

This was made for the Unreal Engine's Spring DevJam in 2019


Final Flight

Final Flight was a game my family worked on for the 2019 MegaJam. We sadly we several days late and couldn't actually participate but we got practice out of making it.

Once again I was the lead developer and made nearly everything in this game, but detailed credits are included in the game.


Laws Of Chaos

Laws of Chaos is a game my family worked on for an entire week. I was Team manager, Project Lead and the only programmer.
My brother Abraham made all the models/particles/textures for this project and made 5/7 included levels.
And my brother Gavin helped find sound effects and one of the music tracks.

This was made for the Unreal Engine's Mega Jam in 2020